Reviews for "Late For School"

is this inspered by an anime that features a girl doing the same thing on a bike except when she passes the train tracks the train smacks her

music should have changed when they hugged. and then you should have let a larger amount of time between that and the old lady crashing on the bike to increase comedic effect.

Loved it
feel bad for what was going happen next when the old lady saw a bike without a human on it coming straight for her o3o

Very nice animation! I like the fact that you put in many aspects you will see in anime into just a one-minute short flash video. The audio could use a different song, but still doesn't affect the animation's mood and flow at all. For only a few months, this is nice and I recommend making an actual series including stuff like this. Probably add some voices and different music and I would give it 5 stars! Keep up the work!

It wasn't bad, by any means, but there is a lot to be improved upon. The hair for each character was bland and lacked definition. It looked like they had on colored cardboard wigs instead of hair. The backgrounds were obviously taken from another source instead of hand drawn, and in the flying sequence the houses looked flat.