Reviews for "Late For School"

It was pretty good considering you called it practice. :)
How long did it take you?

Kel-chan responds:

i think i started in feb or so i guess 5 months but i worked on the street fighter thing inbetween there too so prolly 3 months

Love the Animation!
The music fit well.
Only gripe was that the bike should have just fallen over :p
Other than that, its great, fun, and short

Liked it, wish the characters has dialogue though.

Cute idea, but just FYI: when the chain on a bike breaks/comes off, it means that you can't pedal, you can still stop the bike.

Kel-chan responds:

the breaks didnt work either when she grapsed them

very neat! beginning kinda reminded me of the start of the cat returns, but quickly split. still, very well done.