Reviews for "Late For School"

E.T Just Called.
He wants the bike back.
Very good Animation,i could never do this lol. :>

Nice animation. =3

Pretty good

Meh, animation was decent but it some of the character didn't seem alive.
Its all the small details that make a great animation such as:
Facial expressions

Active Bodymovement

And better flow in between scenes.

This could have potential if these small details are cleaned up.
Overall, not bad. three flying E.T. bycicles outa five.

BTW if i sounded like a douche then sorry. :-P

Kel-chan responds:

thanks alot

alot of ppl just leave a comment saying it was bad or good but dont tell me things to work on

I cant give you full credit for this considering its obviously been rotoscoped from The Girl Who Leapt through time. I respect the effort you made and I can see that you animated some of it on your own but I dont think you should call it "practice" if really its just tracing over someone elses animation. Your drawings are good but just work on animating your own frames in the future!

Kel-chan responds:

it wasnt rotoscoped

it was made in a similar style/used the same color pallete and some ideas and the rest was based on the fumiko's confession short