Reviews for "Late For School"

cool make more

That was you?

That was pretty darn cool! Liked it a lot. I wish it had been a bit longer... especially near the ending. Like, show a bit more of the bike and maybe a bit more of what the girl and her rescuer do (maybe a kiss? =p).

Very well drawn. The backgrounds are amazing, but I'm not sure if these were hand drawn by you. Cute idea.
Character movement seems very robotic. Keep in mind that all human movements have an arc. I didn't understand what was going on until I watched this a second time. The part where her chains snap went by a bit too quick.

I definitely would like to see more animations from you :)

Is the head charakter a boy..Or a girl? I would give 5 stars if i know its a boy or girl --'

Kel-chan responds:

girl....cuz she's wearing a skirt