Reviews for "Grow"

it's really nice.good job

ChubblyWarner responds:

Hey, thanks for the great feedback.

We are working on a second version of this with more to do, pickups, powerups, better random generation of platforms, etc.

Please check back on my page to see when it comes out.


Simple , yet fun tipe of game.
Has a potencial , nice "playful" music , but the game is still missing some features like randomly generated terrain or better graphycs "like when you are high enough , you can see stars"
Its a good game to play in the evening when you are bored with a cup of coffie.

ChubblyWarner responds:

Hey, thanks for the feedback. Glad you liked the game. Stars might be a good idea. The terrain, apart from the very beginning, is randomly generated so no two plays are the same.

If people like it we might revisit and put more features in. Now see if you can get the hiscore :D

Not bad, but I'm annoyed by the fact that when you're touching a plant, you can't jump, whether you're at the top of a plant or just touching the side of it.

It's alright. The start is slightly to slow, making it a tad bit easy. When the speed picks up and the platforms become more difficult to reach however it becomes much more interesting and fun.

ChubblyWarner responds:

Hey, thanks for the feedback.
We have had a few comments about the speed at the start being a little bit slow. I think we will speed things up and see how people get on.

platforms out of reach from the start :/