Reviews for "Grow"

It's alright. The start is slightly to slow, making it a tad bit easy. When the speed picks up and the platforms become more difficult to reach however it becomes much more interesting and fun.

ChubblyWarner responds:

Hey, thanks for the feedback.
We have had a few comments about the speed at the start being a little bit slow. I think we will speed things up and see how people get on.

Playble. Hugely boring. Most difficult part is having a desire to play the game. There is literally no challenge in climbing the platforms until you're at least a few minutes in.

Points for what I hope is original art. Plus, it runs smoothly. Even with smooth running though, everything seems overly simplistic. Everything else seemed to be mashed together in a game engine and submitted before the game can be fleshed out.

ChubblyWarner responds:

Thanks for the feedback. If you look at my comments to SonicSteel below you will see that it was put together in a month and is only our second game. We are still learning to use our development tool, Stencyl.

All game devs have have to start somewhere. Please keep checking back and hopefully we'll release a game that doesn't bore you too much in the future.

The main character, clouds and climbing plant are original artwork as is the music.

Another hop on random platforms while the screen is scrolling up. Unfortunately, there's a long section where the platforms are stacked directly on top of each other, providing no challenge at all. Meantime, the screen is slowly crawling upward like a snail.

When the guy grows plants, the animation just draws them to their full extent, instead of drawing them up to the next platform or their max extent.

There's no climb animation to the plants either. He just spreads out and floats upward.

There are plenty of these already, and this adds nothing very new or interesting. The platform generating code needs some serious altering to make it challenging.

ChubblyWarner responds:

Hey, thanks for taking time to feedback. We turned this game round in a month for the One Game a Month challenge so some of it is not very polished. It is only our second game we have made together and my third game in total.

I think we could probably work on some of those issues you have raised but we are still learning with Stencyl and we had some issues with the plant animation.

Your feedback is appreciated and please keep checking back on any other games we release. They should at some point get more polished.

We are pretty pleased with what we have achieved so far, game developers have to start somewhere and this is where we are at the moment.



Respect man! This game deserve all of my 5 stars! Unfortunately now I don't have cash and I don't have any time to take some stars from the bank, so I give u only 1 for today. Tomorrow u'll get the other 4.

It look nice but i can't reach higer level... Too low jumps.

ChubblyWarner responds:

You need to use the Z key to grow the climbing plants. It's in the description and on the help screen.
Give it another go and see what you think.