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Reviews for "Global Rally Racer"

Just really like the feel of it, its been done before, but this seems right. Good job.

"Basic 3-D Entertainment"

Gee is it hard to find a 3-D game on newgrounds.
The theme, racing, really gets me going. They is no over achieving in this very pleasant racing game, but the crashing is a bit legitimized. Usually collision with other cars isn't so rash and stunning in these types of games.
The leveling system is completely fair with respect to the noticeable changes in the next race once the car has been improved in a certain trait.
I think this game will indeed succeed judgement of newgrounds, unless the one thing that makes it dull will make the worst of it, the same car model for every racer. The only differences that let me recognize the other racers from mine are colors and the fixed screen to the car.

"Good, except for no different car models"

"Xzello wush here and helped :3"

ozdy responds:

That's a great comment, thank you!

I love this game please make more but not to play you are anything can be stiff at times while turning thats all

Good game. Poses a challenge in turning the curves so it is not too easy. Graphics were great and so was the car design. It would have been cool too be able to choose different cars (customization).

- Not enough cars
- Physics are a little off (if I bump the front car with my nitro on, he should be sent zooming ahead of me.

+ Reminded me of Top Gear. Good times

ozdy responds:

Yep, Top Gear 2 on Genesis was the inspiration :)