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Reviews for "Insecto-smash"

At first I thought this was pretty generic, but the scoring system and "power ups" made it mildly entertaining. Game play is stiff.

RockLou responds:

Thanks, I guess?

great game but points and achievements are super hard to get close to impossible

I give the game a 2 because it's boring, doesn't have a background, doesn't have any purpose besides smashing bugs without any upgrades, and doesn't have any music. Also, it can give you a case of carpal tunnel if you try.

RockLou responds:

Fair enough.

Super-lag, the game! One star because the graphics are good.

Anything beyond the 10k medal is really up to if you have a beefy enough computer or not and where you stop is really a factor of how beefy your hardware is. Apparently only 17 people have a beefy enough computer for the 100k medal.

"Spam everything at the player" is not a good game design strategy.