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Reviews for "Insecto-smash"

It was fun to take out my rage on annoying bugs, and the kill streak rewards are cool. Good time killer, but it would get a bit boring after awhile.

RockLou responds:

Thanks. Although my coworkers who play this every day now at work, disagrees that it gets boring. :P

When I first saw this game I thought "oh, its another smash the bug game", then I read around in the description and comments and saw that this wasn't by the other folks that make the smash the bugs game and I was disappointed.


Then I played it and I really enjoyed it! This was a new take on an existing concept and I really enjoyed the powerups and how there was actually and end to the game. You made a fun little game, I'd suggest an upgrades menu, but then you would be making basically a copy of the other bug smashing games. This game is fully functional, fully fun, and thank you for making it :) I killed 299 bugs and feel accomplished. Good job, you broke my disappointed and replaced it with yaaaaay :)

RockLou responds:

haha I'm glad that you felt that way, and that seems to be the general consensus. People expect a boring average game and get pleasantly surprised. And I'm happy people get that reaction.
Thnaks for the review!

needs more crazy powerups.

RockLou responds:

Did you get all the ones that are already there?

Stupid bug! get off my screen!

RockLou responds:

kill it!

I got one problem with this game: when I enter the super strenght/slow motion mode or even get a killing streak the game starts to super-lag and the weapon stops responding or is responding in a very weird way, making the game almost unplayable. I would really like to play it without this problem.