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Reviews for "Insecto-smash"

While it's a great stress reliever, the lag is rrrreeeealllllyyyyy bad as the game goes along. Particularly when you receive the super strength powerup.

great game but points and achievements are super hard to get close to impossible

Super-lag, the game! One star because the graphics are good.

Anything beyond the 10k medal is really up to if you have a beefy enough computer or not and where you stop is really a factor of how beefy your hardware is. Apparently only 17 people have a beefy enough computer for the 100k medal.

"Spam everything at the player" is not a good game design strategy.

I got one problem with this game: when I enter the super strenght/slow motion mode or even get a killing streak the game starts to super-lag and the weapon stops responding or is responding in a very weird way, making the game almost unplayable. I would really like to play it without this problem.

This reminds me of your fish mini game for Awakening. Good use of your previous work! I enjoyed squishing all those bugs, and it was therapeutic to say the least!

RockLou responds:

Yepp, it's the same 'engine' so to speak. I'm glad you liked it!