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Reviews for "Armored Ashura : Ultimate"

This seems like just the perfect game to have medals. Of course, you do have this other listing thing. I appreciate all the great graphics and artwork. I just didn't see how it was that different than the original. It's weird, because the boss is absolute murder compared to the other enemies. My combo record is 40.

It's so nice to have all these awesome powerups. You have no idea what you're going to get next. I don't even know how stronger some of them are over another. The music is quite triumphant as well. I might not be that good at it, but it's a great game.

yeah, a story or recap of the story (if there is one) would be nice but all around good, only complaint is that some enemies seem to die slower then what i would think.

I managed to get a score of 420k and it doesnt show up on your high score roster... what gives?
besides that, great game, going into my favorites (however if you could change up the music a bit that would be greatly appreciated, I got sick of hearing a loop of the same song over and over)

Nicely done. Glad you got to use in-rage's song, but hearing it loop so much has made me hate in-rage now.

Not bad of a game.
If it was at my local arcade, I'd play it.

I don't think many places have local arcades anymore though. :(