Reviews for "Armored Ashura : Ultimate"

Awesome game and music, to favorites

Wow this is amazing! Brings back memories from when arcades used to be popular! Great music, great graphics, great concept!

I'm listening to the music and I'm thinking, that's really nice. Then I hear the sound effects. It's like a little kid crashed his toy truck into a wall and is making boom noises. So did you make these noises with your mouth?

pretty good,kinda makes u think ur a badass(which is good!)

In terms of gameplay, this is just perfect, simple controls, easy combos, addicting action where the foes move at the perfect speed, in the perfect amount, just the right challenge (at least in casual). Even after playing for a while it seems like there are still new upgrades to find, great variaty in both the power-ups and in the enemies you battle. Pretty catchy track too, keep it going!