Reviews for "Happy Runner"

Besides the annoying ad that popped up at the start and the unusual choice of menu screen, the actual game play was fun. It is an interesting concept, that I really enjoyed. The only negative comments I really can give is that it was too short and I don't understand why the medals are given at each stage.. besides that, it was fun, I like the whole travel to the other side of the map idea and would love to see you develop this further.

This is a cool concept! But it feels undeveloped. In addition to what everyone else has mentioned (more levels, music, main menu, etc) maybe you could add something to avoid? Just some more challenges.

(I like the runner he's cute hahaha)

It's a good concept, and you're on the right track - you introduced the mechanics gradually without a tutorial, which is a good start. Now just make more levels and add all the other bits and pieces!

Nice idea for a game, but it's too short. No sounds, and I wish you could do more. control more of the character's actions.

Should maybe add some "Happy Music" way more levels, but overall if this had more levels and music I would rate it 5 stars, it's fun, addicting (If it had more levels) 2 and a half stars. Only cause there wasn't much levels at all!