Reviews for "Happy Runner"

I find this quite enjoyable, needs about 50 more levels, and more concepts.

Another interesting thing to try is if you can get the level to continue 'endlessly' as it wraps around, so instead of returning to the left it just loops around.

Music/effects/sound controls would also be good.

Otherwise I quite enjoyed playing it twice, as the second time I tried to see if I could fail (like I could in the first level by jumping over the finish line).

It's a good concept, and you're on the right track - you introduced the mechanics gradually without a tutorial, which is a good start. Now just make more levels and add all the other bits and pieces!

This is a cool concept! But it feels undeveloped. In addition to what everyone else has mentioned (more levels, music, main menu, etc) maybe you could add something to avoid? Just some more challenges.

(I like the runner he's cute hahaha)

I wish it had more lvls...

it was really easy .... but um fun i guess