Reviews for "Happy Runner"

i wish there were more levels

This was an amazing idea for a game. I really, really liked it. The only things I think that need improvement are the lack of levels. There need to be more levels added on into the game. Also, there need to be sounds. Maybe a jumping sound, a sound when you turn on the moving platforms, some music, those types of things. Maybe some new obstacles too but I feel like those will improve if new levels come into creation. Oh and finally, this is just a small one. I thought the start screen was very unprofessional (for lack of a better word). It made me instantly think that this game was going to be very lame and like a shitty school project. Maybe update it into a picture that shows what the game is like. Like just the happy runner running or jumping. Otherwise, I'd be very happy if you continued to run on this game and update it, it was really fun from all that there was

Nice idea for a game, but it's too short. No sounds, and I wish you could do more. control more of the character's actions.

It's a nice game concept, but could use more levels that are challenging, and some additional designs.

It's alright I guess...But it needs more levels...