Reviews for "Happy Runner"

I would edit the hell out of it. It has a possible potential with the idea. The basic concept is old but the triggers are better. Needs a pause button, a real start page background, and an actual basis giving the game a point, if you want it to be good.

Waaaaay too short to be a full game.

really short,not challenging

you still need to work on this game. please add music, make it longer than four levels, make it more challenging, add a main menu.
a half one for potential

I really like this game. I think it's cute and fun. The only problem with the game is that it's too short. If you were to make it longer it would be more fun to play. Since the game was short its lack of music was not a problem. If you were to make the game longer or make a sequel, adding music would be a good idea.

Overall, good game and I had fun playing it.