Reviews for "Mission Balrog 005"

Labyrinths of this kind are suitable to paper, not computer games. Like others said, the concept has been exploited many times and this game brings nothing new. And, I don't like the music too.

I have to go against sonicsteel on this. yes the game is simplistic, yes I have played these before, and no i don't care for the games concept but i think you did do something to improve on the mechanics, you see more often the not in this style of game your mouse becomes your avatar you on the other hand left your mouse and avatar as two objects on screen what this did is create a "Hit Box" which is something almost exclusive to "J-shooters" and "SMUP's", this is a grate way to give your player some grace and re-enforce what you can and cant do. so when you touch the wall in doesn't rest at once it gives you a handful of pixels to menover around. you didn't take full advantage of it but you might not have even noticed what you did so lets not dillydally on that. I would have liked some more songs and maybe a fanfare when you finish a stage or pick up an object but i wont push anything. you have a fair game right out the gate here.

Another fun maze game appears, with somewhat fewer, but easier earned medals. The mazes did seem a bit harder/longer in this one, but overall there's not much new content. How about increasing the number of mazes next time around? Ten? Keep it going!


Very basic 'keep mouse between the lines'. It even has that classic bug where you can use the context menu to skip over places.

Giving this a zero because this concept has been done to death and this game brings nothing new to it.

nice game