Reviews for "SegwayOfTheDead - Reviews"

Give the voice actor all the beer he can drink for his whole life, cause he earned it. Fucking hilarious!
Too bad I couldn't find my review on that game but I think it probably wasn't funny enough.
Yet again, that voice acting was top notch entertainment. 5/5 added to favorites for future lolz.

Evil-Dog responds:

Your review was too normal and non retarded :D

Pfft hahahahaha! The voice work for these is hilarious! XD
Also, for the record, I thought the game was a brilliant joke.

Evil-Dog responds:

thanks bruh

My favorite was " Now you need pay new keyboards to us" funny bro , really funny.

But-but- it wasn't a bad joke.

Just as hilarious as Dot Dot Dot. I found Segway of the Dead to be a pretty amusing April Fool's day joke anyway.