Reviews for "SegwayOfTheDead - Reviews"

Just cruising on my sugway.....

Some people cant take a joke. Great job on the game! Thanks for making this video too, wish you would have added in the account names of the people who made the comments, call them out for their stupidity and anger issues. Bravo, kudos, encore!

this is a great april fool's prank result, and i shall react as i would in a youtube situation. here it is NG-tube:
0:5-0:10 hillarious.
0:20? a good suggestion.
0:42. you do.
0:47 true.
0:51, i gotta admit, he showed you guys there. he really owned and served you. (not)
0:55 ''get BENTED? hahahaha, a classic!)
1:05 someone, call the police about this guy? (serious?!)
1:16 back to hillarious
1:19, oh yeah? i should challenge you to a ng-game-athon, then! haha
2:08 ''on my sugway'' hahahahaha! truly a great one in the reviews.
3:11, give the guy a break,he will break up with his g/f and will be shunned by his family, for you prank :/
3:43 a skilled man :)

i hope he's ok now, omg

a glorious attempt to recreate the aftermath of raging viewers about the epic-prank of ''the segway of the dead''.
tho, you guys should do this movie/video into one of the type of ''DOT-DOT-DOT'', if you guys recall...
it would be so much more epic, and much more funny, if it was like this way.
tho, this was a decent attempt, and quite funny.

also: you know what would truly be hillarious? to RE-submit the segway of the dead, but make it playable! -with many levels- and add medals, achievements, and stuff, etc etc, and then...after a few months, turn it AGAIN into an unbeatable game that will make everyone furious.
(ofcourse the first level WILL be playable, just to lure them into thinking that this is not YET another prank)

it could be cool.
keep it up, NG animators!(and game-makers, too!)


Favorite ones:not possible+not funny=no stars|HWO THE FUDGE ARE YOU APOST TO DO THIS?!?!?!|who wants to push one button all the time?|I played this for about 5 seconds.Then I went and beat my family with a length of rebar.Thanks for the memories.| just cruising on my sugway|(most favorite)April fools... ya prick.I liked all these reviews and the lil movie you made about them.You sure made a fantastic job Druox.You are the best voice actor I saw on the Internet.You did all these voices yourself without a single edit(well some had ;p).Amazing job guys!