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Reviews for "SegwayOfTheDead - Reviews"

Man.... Thanks for doing this. had constipation in the restroom, watched this, nd turned into diarrhea.
Thanks, bud! saved me! so funny!!!

Absolutely amazing. I was a fan of Segway of the Dead, sure, I almost snapped my finger in half trying to play it, but it was all in good fun. It was pretty obvious it was a joke before it was even revealed as such, so I have no idea why so many people got so mad. I am very glad you shared this with us, the various voices made it even better. To be honest I just went and clicked through umpteen pages of reviews on the original just so I could see who wrote some of the these and so I could see your responses (if any) to them. That in itself contributed even more laughs, so well done all around. Definitely getting a favorite from me.

LOL!!! What's the deal with all those pissed off babies??? They think themselves so smart that they can't accept being pranked so cleverly!!! It clearly sets the difference between april fools and all year long fools. All this fuzz, however, should give you a clue of how much people love your work, me included, and how much this game needs to be fully created. We tasted blood and now we want more!!!
GIVE US SEGWAY OF THE DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the best part of this reviw and game is i only herd of it a month ago on a youtube review and knew it was a troll and did not know where to find it anyway congrats noobs who got trolled lmao

LOL, no one knows what is April Fools.