Reviews for "SegwayOfTheDead - Reviews"

Bunch of butt hurt pricks lol, I for one didn't get the game and after realize it was a april fools joke I went "MOTHERFUCKER XD" haha I loved it lol

Favorite ones:not possible+not funny=no stars|HWO THE FUDGE ARE YOU APOST TO DO THIS?!?!?!|who wants to push one button all the time?|I played this for about 5 seconds.Then I went and beat my family with a length of rebar.Thanks for the memories.| just cruising on my sugway|(most favorite)April fools... ya prick.I liked all these reviews and the lil movie you made about them.You sure made a fantastic job Druox.You are the best voice actor I saw on the Internet.You did all these voices yourself without a single edit(well some had ;p).Amazing job guys!

On my ipad right now face poming so hard that my skull might explode ............. Two time in a row and then do a back flip and do a 360 no scope and go to the moon then blow up the moon

I give both this and the Segway of the Dead demo 5 stars. That was a demo, right?

What? That was the full game? It was a GAG?

Whatever, five stars anyway.

This is funny. I can't believe that people can't take a joke. I for one got a great laugh out of it.