Reviews for "SegwayOfTheDead - Reviews"

Dat A* voice acting, clearly you went to the A* school of voice acting for A* Students of voice acting.

I am being sarcastic, tryharder please.

You know, it's not that the joke was bad, on the contrary, it's just that a game called "Segway of the Dead" sounds really fun to actually play. Remember that "Hunger Games" game that also was an April Fool's joke? Man, I would have loved to play, and even pay, for a game based on that kind of survival challenge. So, the joke is amusing at first, but then we realize these games would make for great entertainment if they were actually playable, thus making us rather sad and disappointed that it's just a joke.
Still, "Segway of the Dead" was the funniest one, I have to admit.

i loved the original. thought it was funny. People are truly lacking a sense of humour. Also it's rather easy to tell the game was impossible to win because you can see that if you cease tapping the space-bar, it will retain the current speed.

I used a damn macro, and still couldn't beat the first level! WHAT THE FUCK!!

Like many people, I got pissed when I realized it was a joke. It would have been fun if it was a real game.

This would have been alright if it had some animations. It was short and boring.