Reviews for "SegwayOfTheDead - Reviews"

The best game ever, Segway of the Dead, beaten mission 1 after 15 seconds without trying.

fucking incredible

I love this even more than playing the game. Love the voice choices for all the comments. Thou i can see the second set of segway of death. it will be a beatable first lvl but it will never save that you beat it.

i thought it was pretty funny i tried it three or four times learn to take a joke

April Fools jokes are serious bizness apparently. And people are still seriously asking for a full version? Really? Really really? Just wait for Road of the Dead 2 folks. Jeebus crust. You know the segway might even be included as an easter egg and there, you have segway of the dead.

Overall, hilarious as hell seeing how people react to a minor joke. Kind of scary actually if you think about it.