Reviews for "Pests"

Its so addicting you just ant stop

I really liked this game, it's cute and fun. It has fitting music and sounds. It is a fun time waster. I was wondering are there other levels or is there only one level. If there is other levels, I probably kept dying too quickly to get to them.

Great game.

Floriaen responds:

Thank you for playing.
Actually there is only one level. but I intend to add two more.

Some of the mechanics should be explained. For example, eating eggs causes the enemies to grow larger. So the player should also keep up with those. The portals as jumping is an interesting thing too that should be mentioned. The rifle having recoil was interesting, though expected when the noise of it was as deep as it was.

EPIC GAME!! hope this goes on the game portal 'cause you deserve it! keep it up

Floriaen responds:

Thank you! :p

Not a bad game, but there are some things that could definitely be improved. First of all, ADD A RESTART BUTTON!! It is REALLY annoying to have to refresh the browser over and over. Some other improvements include: a story, an explanation of what the trampolines are, an explanation of what the white drops the pink things leave behind when killed are, and consider a different way for the creatures to spawn. Thanks!

Floriaen responds:

Thank you for your review.

It's not mentioned but you can hit ESCAPE, SPACE or RETURN to restart the level when it's done.

I don't know if I want to add explanations about the white drops and about what it's happening on the game during the play, maybe misunderstanding is better.

Finally, about the spawn of the creatures, I could add another kind of pests, a pests that could spawn from the ground or from the white drops hey :D