Reviews for "Pests"

Fun and challenging arcade game with good music but I think that there's nothing to keep you interested after a while. I read that there's an easter egg somewhere in the game, but I'm probably not good enough to find it (18 is my best).

First, it was annoyingly difficult. Those stupid pests are WAY too smart and actively try to corner you and use the portals to trap you. That needs to stop. Secondly, there were WAY too many to keep track of. I can understand you wanting to make it hard, but there's a limit to what people can keep track of. It's pretty much impossible to make it past five, and there are about 4 spawn points that basically pop up in an impossible zone. Oh... and the springboards are crap. They are difficult to manuever around and they will most of the time spring you RIGHT into an enemy. There should be a specific button for using the spring boards if we want to use it. The game is hard enough without the springboards hindering progress

This game's biggest weakness is that it has no point. There is nothing to be gained, and there are no unlockables. As far as I can tell. I'd say add a story mode or add levels with varying difficulty. Hell, may even some unlockables like a weapon that can destroy all the pests on the screen, or one that can change the position of the pill, or hell... even one that freezes time so you can empty the playing field a bit. This game REALLY left a lot to be desired.

Floriaen responds:

It's hard, yes.
I confess.
Annoying difficult, yes it could.
It could for people who doesn't want to play hardcore games.
I am ok with that and you are right.

However it was my intention.
For myself, I can't play an easy game.
I always intend to add a dummy's mode to my games you know...
But I can't treat them like that, even if they are stupid and too simple they don't deserve it :p

I began to implement one another level, initially unlockable by the score but I don't have enough time to add it.
However it's in the game as an easter egg.
And this level, I am sorry about that, could be your nightmare.

Great and addicting (though a bit frustrating) game...

A question: the pellets, what are they for? same question por the pills (besides these are the ponts, what is their purpose?

Another thing is that it should be nice the game has an improvement system, I don't need an upgrade menu but in someway feel that the character is improving in speed, damage or rate of fire...


Floriaen responds:

Thank you for playing and for your feedback.

The pellets are Pacman's pills.
When a small pest hit one it grows a become bigger and bigger pests try to eat them all.

The only improvement I want for this game is the improvement of your skill.

Wow, this is a game that really frustrates me. It seems like it should be easier to play. I don't want to become addicted to a game I'm not even good at, or one I don't care for at all. You do deserve credit for having some pretty creative designs. I don't know if turning the enemies into white pellets helps with anything. There are just an infinite number of ones that come. I could basically just keep destroying in the same place and never advance!

I think I actuall did worse when I found out you could kill the enemies. The destruction was a bit distracting. I think it has a petty nice design to it. The sounds worked well and fit the mood. Is this really a game where some medals have zero points?

Floriaen responds:

Wow thank you!

The medals are not validated because I couldn't test them:
because I am bad with my own game I never unlock them :p
I will fix that.

genius in its simplicity