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Reviews for "DKmagician"

this is so awesome this should be made high ranking classics it was so awesome i dont have the words to discribe it first it was like a cartoon than after that it was like watching tekken

What an awesome mesh of angles and effects this was, each punch seems to be followed by some form of explosion, and it just gets grander and grander the further it goes. Love the evil grin, the mechanical input along with the magical, must've taken quite some time and effort to animate, but the final results are more than worth it. Amazing work!


this was AWESOME!! the effects, the action, the cameos, the close ups. all amazing :D
i loved the different angles you gave during this movie, the action was non-stop and the humorous parts were there (as a staple of any good stickfigure animation) i really envy how good of a job you did on the effects and the explosions! Miccol would be proud :3

You obviously know what your doing here. I find many animations with the movie and audio not matching up but you have them almost if not perfectly matched up. I really like how the one the camera follows the most actually has emotions and isn't just a badass with a boring face. You are very good at this and even more so if you did this alone.

I Sir Kods37 hereby give you these full 5 stars of stick animation and invite you to be a Knight! (I don't actually invite to a group) Enjoy!

DKanimator responds:

what is a knight bro?is it a group? lol sorry i dont stick here in NG a lot so i dont know some of the things here.. i just go here just to pass animations,, tnx for the invite bro put me in!

Oh Shit. Such beauty cannot be expressed in words.