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Reviews for "DKmagician"

This is actually great! Just a pity that the video size is so small.

This was unbelievable! How did this not win every award out there?! I've seen tons of stick stuff, but this was unlike anything I've seen before. It was just amazing to see all these gorgeous colors together. Everything here is just gorgeous. I love how you get to see their faces.

It gives them such great personality. It's also great to see the parts where they had hands. Everything is just so amazingly fast paced. I wish I could recommend this to the Stick page. Hell, it should be everywhere! The sounds and music are fantastic as well.

Sick twisted animations, but yo you can put more positive words in the description than that. I mean the words should depict the epic glory that was placed upon the screen before the viewer.

I've seen ALOT of stick animations, especially on Newgrounds. This is by far one the best I've seen. The animation is advanced for a stick animation and there is no stickiness in it either. It's very fluent and natural. The action packed video was short I will admit but it left the viewer wanting more. I'm definitely looking forward to a sequel and more animations of your doing.

Fabulous one of the best animations and seen