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Reviews for "Collapse It 2"

Pretty easy to complete, but still a very solid game. Really good physics that always seems to make sense. Good work!

I like your game, it's fun and it's not one of those games that gets boring after a while. I hope you keep making games.

This is a one in a dozen game, but then with even WORSE physics then usual,

your game isnt original and i dont like your bomb physics. when i place, for example, a bomb at the very end of a post, this post completely blows up. same goes with barrels: i place 1 bomb between 2 barrels and only 1 blows up.
change that pls.

Smrdis responds:

> your game isnt original
Because it is a sequel. Lol :D.

> and i dont like your bomb physics.
Different blocks has different properties.

On the second level I only scored 1 star even though all humans were dead and I only used two bombs. Is this a bug or do you have tou use all the given bombs?

Smrdis responds:

Stars = Score. Score = Bombs left + Destruction.