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Reviews for "Collapse It 2"

It's enjoyable but not addicting or giving me incentive to go further..

SO cute and fun (like the background music)

The main problem I have with this is that the levels end too quickly. In a game like this where you sometimes have to topple beams onto other people to kill them, it is inexcusable for the level to fail you while the beams are still moving. Several times I found myself watching the log fall toward the last victim and I thought, "Yeah, I got this," only to have the level end in failure. A flaw like that in a game like this doesn't work.

Poorly level design. I get how to complete level but I have to place bombs RIGHT ON THE SPOTS one zillion times to complete level.

If you have new grounds medals... I bet there will be more people who will stay to fight for them. If not I don't think many will stay very long on this game.