Reviews for "Intuition keys"

its sheer dumb luck to get any of the letter after the first three. there is no point to this other than to waste time. found the game completely boring. the title is far from what the game is about, there is no intuition to pressing random keys. for there to be use of intuition there needs to be a pattern to the letters.

wertolet responds:

Thank you.

Not interesting. KEY : ABCEFTRINBO

well how to explain it?
i dont get how i am supposed to know which letter comes next. i didnt try a lot though because after the second time of typing the whole alphabet i just lost interest.
you COULD make a great "logic trainer" of it. but now it is just rather annoying.

wertolet responds:

This is intuition trainer. :)
You dont know what letter is next. Just smash random buttons.

Although I found the game's dialog to be humorous in the beginning, the random(?) key generator drained my interest. The achievements are just short from impossible unless the keys are the same each playthrough, you write them down, and you don't lose track. I got to level 32 before i wanted to quit.

wertolet responds:

Thank you for response.
No, key generator is not random, but after level 15-20 dialogs are randomly.

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