Reviews for "Monster Raiders EP2"

Cute animation!

I like the idea, presentation was cute, and the animation complimented the actions. Although the writing could use some work.

Nice, I like the style of animation, reminds me of anime from the eighties, the characters are all simple and effectual, and both cute and a bit ridiculous in the same time, which I guess they're meant to be. Being new to this series, I appreciate the intro at the start, even though it's rather long for a quick intro. The series overall has a somewhat slow pace to it, things don't seem to happen at their natural speed, but at the same time this reminds of regular series. The voice acting and music all fits in great. Will be looking forward to the next one!


Your script writing is horrible. First You explain that they only inherit one trait Yet the dragon can breathe fire and create a man out of fire. I'm not entirely sure what the villain needed to activate her skill but I do know when she used her skill on herself it should have worked on her fan yet it disappeared and she threw a punch at the heroes. Most likely to end the story faster and not make a long drawn out fight. thevillain's skill didn't make sense as well. The entire car grew, the villain grew, But the masked tanuki body only grew? Which it took a long time for dragonman to shoort that fire and fire knight had a pretty long flame attack. Rita should had blown up already. Granted that would have meant the end of the series but how convient she lasted that long. You also explained their powers fail when they pass out. The villain didn't pass out at all. She just fell out of the sky. Not to beat a dead horse further but unless the villain's fan was the source of her power, She technically could have just made herself big again since she was awake and rita. Just saying.
To the untrained eye/ lower observation skilled people it is still a pretty decent animation where nothing has to make sense at all. Sidekicks and other main characters just show up out of nowhere like they are stalking each other and the day is saved. Woohoo.

BradRedfield responds:

Thank you, I greatly appreciate that you gave an honest and detailed review.

I apologize for the confusion regarding the villain's vague power. I initially had a more lengthy explanation but felt that it made things too complicated and slowed the episode down.

The reason why the Ruma's body grew like that was because Tenguman enlarged the soup in her stomach and not her whole person. If she enlarged Ruma the normal way then Tenguman would've been beaten very quickly.

Also, I admit that I haven't done enough to establish that Tanukiman is actually extremeley powerful. Her strength/durablity equivalant would be comparble to, say, New 52 Superman. Her durability was the only reason why she didn't pop as quickly as a normal person would.

Tenguman did pass out, I just didn't do a very good job at showing it.

And I just had Dragonman pop out of nowhere as an homage to various Japanese superhero shows but I suppose it doesn't work. I could've thrown a comment in that she was following Ruma out of concern from the previous episode's events.

The way I write the series (to be minimalistic and straight-forward as possible) does lead to the problems that you list and I apologize. I'll try to fix these issues in the remaining two episodes.

Thanks again for providing good feedback.