Reviews for "Monster Raiders EP2"

it cool

i can image a game about this later on.
i like the fire knight.
cant wait for the EP3.

I don't understand how I have never seen this series before. It's so creative, cute and funny! Probably should have watched episode one first? <_<

I've been waiting a long time for this episode!!!!!!
This series would make a great anime.

Nice, I like the style of animation, reminds me of anime from the eighties, the characters are all simple and effectual, and both cute and a bit ridiculous in the same time, which I guess they're meant to be. Being new to this series, I appreciate the intro at the start, even though it's rather long for a quick intro. The series overall has a somewhat slow pace to it, things don't seem to happen at their natural speed, but at the same time this reminds of regular series. The voice acting and music all fits in great. Will be looking forward to the next one!