Reviews for "Cubus Velox"

This is rather a good game for 1 button.

knarrenheinz responds:

Thank you. This is rather a short review for so many buttons.

Interesting. I will admit, I'd like some other gravity controls, but the ones done here are quite nice. They're well tuned and the level design is great. After a while though, you have to have split second awareness to get through on your first try. Frustrating, but always achievable. It's a fun game, that reminded me of IPhone games before I found out it was one. A good little time waster. Would play again.

I beat the game, I hate level 27. This level is thw WORST! But, this is awsome.

Nice game, well done. I like the music, even if I'd expect more interactions with the gameplay. The kind of runner gimmick (never stop and try again) make it addictive even if sometimes frustrating (ahh, this level 18!).

okay, that is a great idea, this game is so much fun, keep up