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Reviews for "Cubus Velox"

Great game. Just finished all levels.
I'm a bit colourblind so the red ones weren't always to clear for me.
Some levels i did in one go. Others took me few tries. After a while you get the system of what direction you want to move us and it becomes easier. Had allot of fun with it

Fun, addicting, challenging, catchy music= AWSOME!

Short and some easy, its not very hard once you get use to the speed or movements of the boxes.

I have mixed feelings about this. I have points where I find this game to be rather difficult, though I'm not sure if this is just due to bad reflexes on my end. I sort of feel like the viewing area for what's coming is small enough to the point where you may not have time to react by the time you see something, and then must commit it to memory. I suppose that is not a bad thing, but for someone like me, it causes me to get sent back to the beginning to struggle with stuff I was messing up on before. I then forget what I messed up last time because I'm too focused on not screwing up on the first thing, then I react too much and have to start over. I suppose this is just a personal problem. I do understand why something like this should have a degree of difficulty that might require you to be EXTREMELY vigilant in order to complete it on the first try, while still not being impossible for others who can't do it in that first shot. In the end, I'm guessing my troubles with the game are strictly personal and not reflective upon the game itself. I'll try to finish what I've not completed just for the sake of feeling accomplished xD

This is rather a good game for 1 button.

knarrenheinz responds:

Thank you. This is rather a short review for so many buttons.