Reviews for "Mission Balrog 004"

idk why people are hating on this. sure, it's simple, but i think its fine how it is. the only thing i thought was wrong with it was that the medals would cover a portion of the screen for too long, so id either have to wait or tread blindly for a second. maybe add a border on the top/ bottom to fix this.
in terms of suggestions for sequels/ improved versions, maybe try making the balrogs fit closer to the mouse, or maybe adding gems or coins to collect which can be spent to make your cursor smaller/ able to take a hit or two after upgrades. think about also adding enemies for a pac man like effect.

great job. like i said, i dont know why people are hating, but dont listen to them if they gave u 1 star. this is a game that has been done before, but thats no reason to heed all of their negativity. keep up the good work.

MiscritsQuest responds:

k thanks! ill think about using some of ur ideas.

music is a little too much for what the game is

really, Balrog... really?

very simple, glitched (as mentioned) playable for children but no real depth.
need things to collect, time to beat etc.

A massive glitch caused me to beat the game within seconds. i would fix it if I were you. If you right click, it freezes the game. Once you re-enter with left click, if places your character where you left clicked, passing through all the walls, unharmed.

MiscritsQuest responds:

thnks! were trying to fix that but dont no how.

mhh ok, but you have to change the background, and its easy to cheat in the game

MiscritsQuest responds:

im thinkin of changing the bg once a month so soon!

These games are just getting annoying and spammy. Its the same game, different puzzles, same 5 second click and drag through maze walls to end of maze 4 times and win.

MiscritsQuest responds:

different puzzles but same game?
jackie chan goes what.