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Reviews for "Accel J"

not bad puzzles game. I have one problem with it. Having all the pieces on bored made it really hard. you should a blank space so it dose not get so messy.

You've done a few of these. I agree with Nezuyr, an empty space to help sort would be nice.

It's okay, but there's not much to it. There's no levels or achievements. You just pick your picture and difficulty. The selection of pics is pretty limited too. Just a couple of loli anime girls. Personally I like puzzles of landscapes. Not even a congratulations when you complete the puzzle. Maybe if you could upload your own picture into the game would make it more interesting.

About the only thing going for this are the cute girls. You could at least make a "ta-da! you finished the puzzle", and make the lines disappear.

huh... A music and picture based game in which the pictures and music are awful. That leaves your virtually nothing :D