Reviews for "The Black Knight Rises"

How can you do the spin attack?

This is a pretty good game.

The level designs are fairly well done, though the difficulty within a chapter vary wildly (last level before the final boss was dissapointingly easy). The graphics, art, and music were decent. I was very happy to find that spikes were not a one-hit kill and you could touch the sides of them. The jumping and falling physics were pretty good.

Now, while the wall jumping mechanics worked well, they were slightly counter-intuitive and took a bit to get used to. Setting "Direction Opposite of the wall" as the release from wall clinging is counter intuitive since most games use "Direction opposite of the wall"+Jump for wall jumping. It also makes it difficult to get used to since after successfully jumping from a wall you have to imediately press the direction key that will release you from the wall if you get the order wrong. This could be avoided by assigning "release wall" to the DOWN key or Jump to a non-directional key.

Overall, a good game and a decent challenge. I do wonder about one thing; is it really possible to defeat the final boss without getting the Sonic spin attack? It seems almost impossible to hit the final boss after he loses half his health and speeds up.

Mythologic responds:

Hi thanks for the review! What you've said sums up the issues in the game pretty damn well, trust that we've learned from out mistakes this time round but glad to see you liked it even just a bit!

It is possible to kill Mallgoth at the end without the spin attack, he's just very difficult :D

I'm not going to think too much on how a knight clad in full heavy armor is capable of wall-jumping. :/

The art is good, the music fits, the controls (though they take a little getting used to) work well enough, and the storyline (albeit cliché and trite)... well, you have a storyline. Auto-save, tons of levels, the game seems very polished.

For some reason it's just not my cup of tea. Doesn't mean it isn't worthy of a good score.

Mythologic responds:

It's not actually armour, just a hideous birth defect, he's as light and squishy as whipped jelly.

Thanks for the review! Very much appreciated, the story definitely isn't the selling point, kind of regret putting all that money into the novel adaption..

Sad to hear it's not your cup of tea, perhaps you'd prefer some Earl Grey dear fellow? Cheers again!

it will not load i waited forever this seems fun.

Mythologic responds:

Judging by your level creation you managed to get it working ;p

Way too hard, some of those jumping transitions. Not the jumps themselves, but rather the wall slide/wall jump control scheme. What am I doing wrong?