Reviews for "The Black Knight Rises"

Seems like a decent idea, but the controls are just awful.

This seemed like a pretty fun, simple platformer. I'm not sure if I'm the only one, or if it's just because of the size of the game, but the game runs really slow on my computer, so I was only able to handle crawling through a few levels. Perhaps a quality changing option would help players with outdated PC's enjoy this game more?

Good game, nonetheless. Charming art style and storyline.

I could probably work into the learning curve that this game requires..but..it's just not that interesting to keep playing. TO frustrating.

the wall jumping just makes this way more difficult than it needs to be.

I'm not going to think too much on how a knight clad in full heavy armor is capable of wall-jumping. :/

The art is good, the music fits, the controls (though they take a little getting used to) work well enough, and the storyline (albeit cliché and trite)... well, you have a storyline. Auto-save, tons of levels, the game seems very polished.

For some reason it's just not my cup of tea. Doesn't mean it isn't worthy of a good score.

Mythologic responds:

It's not actually armour, just a hideous birth defect, he's as light and squishy as whipped jelly.

Thanks for the review! Very much appreciated, the story definitely isn't the selling point, kind of regret putting all that money into the novel adaption..

Sad to hear it's not your cup of tea, perhaps you'd prefer some Earl Grey dear fellow? Cheers again!