Reviews for "The Black Knight Rises"

I wish I could give you a better review, but the controls and mechanics kind of ruined a lot of the fun I could have had. It had a lot of interesting ideas for the wall jumping and platforming, but the control made it unenjoyable and frustrating to play. Breaker5 pretty much explains it all. Also, walking off the edge to get to a wall that's directly below me is annoying as well since some of the walls are very small (one to two blocks) and you can easily go too far over to the left or right and miss coming back. You could have had the down button, in the case, make the knight slide down the nearest wall connected to the platform you're on.

I should also note that on one of the last stages where you have to run from that vampire thing is very difficult (so far, I wasn't able to beat it) due to these controls and the controls being somewhat unresponsive during critical points of the gameplay in that level. (Also there are times when the knight is walking left or right and he'll continue to do so when I let go of the arrow keys, making him fall off ledges and getting him killed).

Still, I do like the idea and game itself despite the controls. DO NOT let this discourage you from making games. I wish I could make games half as good as this one.

Mythologic responds:

I think the problems with the controls you have described are more lag based, certainly slow down will cause some issues. Try adjusting the quality settings, it's a very large game so older PC's are probably gonna have a tough time with it. Thanks for the review.

This is a pretty good game.

The level designs are fairly well done, though the difficulty within a chapter vary wildly (last level before the final boss was dissapointingly easy). The graphics, art, and music were decent. I was very happy to find that spikes were not a one-hit kill and you could touch the sides of them. The jumping and falling physics were pretty good.

Now, while the wall jumping mechanics worked well, they were slightly counter-intuitive and took a bit to get used to. Setting "Direction Opposite of the wall" as the release from wall clinging is counter intuitive since most games use "Direction opposite of the wall"+Jump for wall jumping. It also makes it difficult to get used to since after successfully jumping from a wall you have to imediately press the direction key that will release you from the wall if you get the order wrong. This could be avoided by assigning "release wall" to the DOWN key or Jump to a non-directional key.

Overall, a good game and a decent challenge. I do wonder about one thing; is it really possible to defeat the final boss without getting the Sonic spin attack? It seems almost impossible to hit the final boss after he loses half his health and speeds up.

Mythologic responds:

Hi thanks for the review! What you've said sums up the issues in the game pretty damn well, trust that we've learned from out mistakes this time round but glad to see you liked it even just a bit!

It is possible to kill Mallgoth at the end without the spin attack, he's just very difficult :D

Waste of time.

I don't know how to sugar coat it so I'm just going to come right out with it. The controls are awful. Wall jumping works fine if you're going straight up, trying to jump off? 50/50 gamble. You'll either jump to where you need to go or just fall straight off. The Black Knight moving at a snails pace was rather annoying as well.

Art/Music was nice.

Mythologic responds:

Try following the instructions on the walls! They are your clues! If you happen to only have 2 fingers that may also present an issue with wall jumping, just glide down the wall and hit up, it's pretty standard. You also may be facing an issue with lag, try adjusting the quality, thanks for the review!

an overall ok game kept me entertained for a little while