Reviews for "Rokilot: The New World"

Didn't really play that long to give an honest review. TBH, you have some cleaning up to do on the animations of your characters sprite when they walk - I see these strange floating lines on the top and left side of the character as they move around, was quite distracting, and I realized I couldn't play and watch Arrested Development so I am stopping here mainly just to tell you that it is really distracting when the main characters sprites don't look cleaned up.

medals are pretty hard to get and needs more upgrades maybe 1 teamate AI would be cool or turrents

Well, there's good and bad here. The graphics are great; I like how all the enemy types are distinct, very easy to tell apart. The programming is pretty solid...except that on level 20 I somehow lost half my weapons and got stuck trying to survive with the short-range gun. That didn't last long, of course. The fact that the enemies randomly appear makes it "frantic" in a nice way. However, it's really annoying that it's another one of those games where you have to upgrade your "money" before anything else and you have to buy ammo after every battle. Another thing that was frustrating was that the coins will disappear after a few seconds; you can circle around a bunch of monsters to kill them, but is it worth it to spend one of your precious 3 health points to grab their coins? Also, please get someone who is a native English speaker to edit your text.

The hardest enemies were the eyeballs. Very annoying.

neat game but the controls are all screwed up.

I liked playing the game. But when my mouse jumps to the side of the screen, I'm redirected to an advertised game. The translation is lazy. And when it glitched, I wouldn't stop running down so I couldn't run around anymore. I tried to refresh, which made the game forget my progress. 3 large fails so I gave 2 stars.