Reviews for "tuna fish"

I'm reviewing it, it must be good...

Musically, its quite superb... lyrically, it reminds me of the Dead Kennedys. Masterful, truly. You can't go wrong with fish, either. I have a feeling this will make it to the top of my personal list... it is the shit.

This is what I like

You really did a good job of this and you need to make more, It's been a while since anyone made me use my head. This is a great play thing and I've been busting out meaningles tunes for over an hour. Your artwork is pleasant remenisant of "what flowers do" everything is sweet.
I really like that loop, Catchy.
The graphics are nice the sounds are great, this rocks. The only qualm I had was when you wanted to select a certain word you would usually make the guy sing bullshit, how about clicking to get the sound instead?
I really like this you definatly need to make more.

this is cool

I spent about 45 minutes with this. I could of used the word with or without though.

That was interesting

Nir, you are very creative. These movies of yours are deffinitly unique. THat is all I have to say.

this is fuckin awsome!

its one of the most original games in new grounds.who ever made this is a geneious.Keep up the good work!