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Reviews for "The Final Boss"

Sorry for the low score. You have a good game here...I like the animation, the music, the feel of the game...BUT...there are some glaring flaws:

First: WHY DO YOU ONLY HAVE ONE HP LEFT!?!? I mean when you face THE final boss you try to have as much HP going into the battle as possible, staring the game with just ONE hit point right there sends up a red flag for me. If there were ways to increase that--HP regeration over time, health packs, health drops after certain boss sections were destroyed, something to add to your life that would be MOST welcome.

Second: The no lives in reserve thing is yet another red flag for me. Like I stared before...when facing THE final boss you like to have as many lives as you can get to make sue you can beat the boss. Going in with hardly any health, no lives in reserve and having to start over from the beginning if you make one little mistake gives you 3 strikes and you're out!

Give the player full health--or at least a way to increase it in game, at least 1 life in reserve and possibly ways to get more when certain point totals are reached; or 1up items in game, and give the player a continue option instead of starting them all over again.

I think if these suggestions are implemented the game would be MUCH better.

Ya, I played a better version. Its called gun star heros for the sega.

Ok, time for the good the bad and the ugly, but in reverse order for better explanation. The ugly is what you've created isn't really designed to be a game, but rather as the title implies just the final boss of a game, which once you factor in how simple the game is to beat its not saying much. The good is what you have does make for a nice simplistic game, it is a playable and enjoyable piece, and the graphics are good. The bad is the a few extras that you probably shouldn't have added: the multiplayer isn't really necessary considering both can be controlled by one person, making the game quicker yet irritating because if one dies they both do. the rest of the bad lies in the bottom left corner with the 1 hp and 0 lives. You put that in the description, but having it on the screen implies you can get more.

All in all good work but it does have its flaws.

It was fun, though I find it would have been more fun if there were a full stage to it. Kinda like Megaman, but yeah. That, and the music was intense. Really complements the mood of the game, and would better have if it weren't too easy.

Was kind of fun