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Reviews for "Primal Sands"

The game is pretty cool, I really enjoyed. Jobalidade has a slightly cloying, but over the game she gets a little bearable. After a few things are quite tedious time such as the crystals. Having to be picking up as many crystals is really boring, I mean, of course I need more bullets and missiles, and it requires me many crystals, but have to keep picking up several more to buy (especially for minigun), is pretty boring after a while.

Other than that, I must congratulate you for the graphics (I am a great lover of pixel art), and still more by sondtrack (if you have not been to the author, you know well how to choose them). The sound effects are also good.

Anyway, great job.

the guy before me is right, you should be able to upgrade your turrets, or at least repair them and your ship
apart from the lacking, it is a plentiful game

Verdaderamente genial

I have to say after 4 hours of repetitive play. This game's could have been at last better!

toxicshark109: exactly, I noticed that myself! Brilliant the connection between games. There was not a lot of story in this game (compared to others from the same author that is), but this way the whole story line from 'Don't Escape 2' is suddenly connected here :-)

scriptwelder: you do brilliant entertainment and obviously know a lot about story telling as all your other games have shown.