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Reviews for "Primal Sands"

I don't get how you can make SO many good games. Did you sell your soul to the devil?
Loved the atmosphere, which isn't at all surprising given that you made it. My only complaint was that the game got a too easy. Hardcore mode didn't make a difference since I never died in the first place.

good but really easy when you have the shotgun maxed out

epic but the ending scene is a bit weird with him coughing blood and a criscal blows the skin off his hands


Amazing game!
I must say that I really, really enjoyed playing your game. The whole thing is pretty much perfect and there are only really small things I would have added if I was you, such as the possibility of being abble to toggle the quality during playing, because sometimes it can get a little laggy when having dozens of enemies on your screen and I would have also liked to pause the game even when not being right next to your ship.

You did a wonderful job and obviously gave your best. Different weapons and upgrades provided variety and didn't make the game boring - not even during my second playthrough. The ending also added a nice touch to the whole project and made it seem even cooler.
Very well done!