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Reviews for "Primal Sands"

love the music in this game, really spot on stranded in the abyss of an alien world

Another great game yet again! that ending thou
Great job ScriptWelder

I'm surprised I pulled that off!
Another great game yet again! Could have added a couple of upgrades such as increased repair speed and when you put the engines on they could boost the repair 5% more or something. Also another way to defend the ship other than turrets.
Overall the gameplay is great I hope to see a sequel soon!

Very nice, only thing that I was missing was maybe a few upgrades concerning repair speed and maybe a way to impliment barricades or something of that kind to open up more variety and allow multiple playstyles.

Original concept and very nicely executed(especially impressed by the decay of the corpses and the accumulation of tracks in the sand).
Looking forward to anything coming our way!

really enjoyed this game, loved the game play and the way you need to balance between repairing and defending... would love to see what else you come out with...