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Reviews for "Primal Sands"

I have to say after 4 hours of repetitive play. This game's could have been at last better!

Ah yes, good old Scriptwelder, bringing story into a tower-defense-esque run and gun.

es el juego con el final mas impresionante que incluso para juegos de consolas uno se pueda imaginar. tanto el juego como la manera de jugarlo es buena, un poco difícil al principio pero no imposible.
el final no me recuerda a nada que halla visto antes y eso es buena señal.

Great now the human race is gonna die cuzz of one guy

I hate you. And by "I hate you", I mean "I want more to explain this cliffhanger."

An open-ended ending of the sort is great and all, but there's still a couple things to point out.

First and foremost, this is a refreshing break from the typical, insultingly easy 'base defense' genre in that you have to repair the base to complete the game. Epic concept, want moar.

However, there's a few rough edges that could do well with smoothing.

1- The most important here - respawn resets. This is quite easily the most irritating part of the game, and had me a hair's breadth from ragequitting at several points; I've never seen a game so willing to undermine my progress so heavily. While I cannot assert that it's entirely bad, losing 30-40% of your repair progress is pretty insulting.
(Also, repair tool resets to base level each time you die, but all other upgrades persist.)

2- The sentries. They do practically nothing, and hardly make decent bait to stave off the zerg-like waves that start approaching after wave 30. This is true even at maximum upgrades and with the screen blanketed with the little guys. I eventually started setting up a wall of them as bait while I pelted the onslaught from behind, making them feel more like a chore to place and use and less like a defensive investment.

3- Difficulty curve. This is possibly the most unforgiving part of the game, as the waves don't reset to a previous point when you die. I can see the value of this for challenge, but this is one of the most gruesome progressions I've seen here on NG.
(I played this on the standard mode)

This isn't entirely bad, however, and I have to give credit where credit is due.

1- The combat. Hory shet, did you nail the combat. You could've started a new continent with the body count I racked up, and it wasn't brain-dead simple to pull off. The attention ranges on the critters are just right, and I can't contest how they behave when you're out of this range.

2- The weapons. I'm still scratching my head over how the shotgun does more damage than the rockets, but there's still plenty of diversity in the armaments to suit the situation. Great mix and great execution.

3- Separation of repairs and shuttle integrity. I would've met this game with an infernal hatred if damage to the shuttle directly reset the repair status, and this is a clever and apt means to work around that issue. A welcomed possibility would be an option to dump the mountains of crystals you accumulate into restoring the integrity of the shuttle as you can the tank.

I'd like to give this a higher rating, but I can't with the bad taste the resets happen to leave.
(I'm terrible with games, so consider my input coming from the unskilled crowd)

I liked it starting off, but it became far too irritating for me to appreciate in the end. Great milestone, but please learn from the present flaws as you bring us more.