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Reviews for "Primal Sands"

toxicshark109: exactly, I noticed that myself! Brilliant the connection between games. There was not a lot of story in this game (compared to others from the same author that is), but this way the whole story line from 'Don't Escape 2' is suddenly connected here :-)

scriptwelder: you do brilliant entertainment and obviously know a lot about story telling as all your other games have shown.

Too easy,earned the medal in 1 hour of gameplay, I only played the game 2 time- 1 in normal, another in hardcore. you might want to consider some enemy such as:
1.Aims only the base
2.Enemy that move faster than the highest speed available for player
3.Enemy that leaves after effect when they attack(leaves sticky pool that slows player, etc)

All I did is just attract all the enemy towards me, shoot some missile, replenish missile, then start repairing the base

For those who face difficulty completing the game:
1. At the initial of the game, just focus on killing the alien.

2.Raise your crystal refinery as soon as you have enough energy. You might want to raise a level or two for cannon in case you face trouble killing them, and a level in movement speed to dodge bullet

3.Minigun and shotgun are just useless. actually even sentries are useless (their fire range is shorter than the flies). Just upgrade the cannon(for initial game) and the missile (for latter game)

For me, at the beginig it's very diffivult because you don't have enough time beetwen wave and wave, but it's a good game.

where is the save button for christs sake :)

I have to say after 4 hours of repetitive play. This game's could have been at last better!