Reviews for "Jurksons meet Floonstoons"

Fun stuff.
Did Barney rape that girl like a caveman would or just squeeze her to death too?
I sort of wish you included some Fruity Pebbles.
The pacing felt a little weird to me.

YULFO83 responds:

I'll let you guys decide what happen to Judy. ha
I do have a Fruity Pebbles short also.


this is not bad, and randomness is still funny

I enjoyed it :) good parody

YULFO83 responds:

Thanks man :)


Here's what I liked:
-The animation was pretty smooth.
-The audio was alright.

Here's what I didn't:
-It was really random. The writing didn't build toward a specific pun or anything it was just the casts of two cartoons spazzing out.
-The art was really inconsistent. The way people were drawn was changing so frequently it looked like 9 different people did the art for this flash. It was really distracting and bad.
-It was... This flash just sucked. I'm not even going to sugar coat it anymore. This was a really craptastic crap that prayed that a lot of loud, incoherent speech coupled with excessive blood would somehow make people laugh. No wit, no plot, no actual humor. This was just plain a turd. Don't bother replying, I don't read them. It would be the second biggest waste of time of your life. Guess what the first was.

YULFO83 responds:

The first one was the day you were conceived.

Haha, mixing two different types of people from different times will never go well. :P Didn't expect this to be so bloody but eh... nice work. The pact is quick, the animation is crazy.