Reviews for "Jurksons meet Floonstoons"

It's too disgusting, mostly because the quality goes up and down way too fast it becomes a headache. It's not funny at all. The whole lets do random shit has gotten old and is just a lazy form of humor that no longer works anymore at least not the way you do it.

1 star for effort and at least the music quality was alright but too many different tracks going on.

This was a fucking mess that was unenjoyable.

YULFO83 responds:

Scroler! finally giving me "constructive criticism" and not just being an art fag.I mean don't get me wrong you're still a poop covered penis. looking forward to future reviews. I know you'll be watching cause you just seem to keep coming back. I got you right where I want you. Muhahahahahaha!

I have to agree with strumbore. This is really disgusting and not really that funny at all. Although the animation wasn't terrible

YULFO83 responds:

I have to agree with strumboreas well. you never look him in the eye when you make love.

It's gross and poorly animated; to explain the scenes that make it gross would be enough to ban me, so anyone who wants to know can just watch as intended :) .
"Randomness" + grotesqueness isn't funny to a lot of people, as John Kricfalusi learned the hard way as he ruined his only chance at rebooting Ren & Stimpy. Careful, man.

YULFO83 responds:

was it the Rosie O'Donnell scene?

lol so true

wow you guys