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Reviews for "Helmet Heroes"

This a good game and thank you
robscherer123 to make this game and i love you so mash
and can you make a new RPGMMO game ?

sir robscherer123 since 2018 i didnt continue to play helmet heroes just because my acc was banned but i really love ur game. It was one of the most interesting game that i played so plsss sir unban my acc plsss my name in my acc was iphibeast plss i didnt do any scamming activities in ur game plss i hope u understand meand i have also one more acc that was banned and i hope you also unban this its name was PHComeback plss sir im begging have mercy on me plss T-T

Sir Robby I hope you notice this message my account got banned, The reason why is banned is incorrect username capitalization i hope you notice this message i message you in gmail but you reply me once

IGN: Fvking_Shadow

Sir Robby please unbanned my new account I just bought the tp then transfer my money why did I get banned :( I just want to transfer and booked my new account also I already bought the TP please Unbanned my account...
To all players Keep safe and stay at home to avoid COVID-19
Please Unbanned this my new account :(

Sir robby, when will be the next update and the next maps & sets in Helmet Heroes. All of us (players) are waiting for thenext update. We are waiting because we love this game & other players are quitting and saying HH sucks. Please Sir robby please create a new update so that everyone will be happy again. I hope u will create a new update and announce it to the HH Community :D. It's all your decision and for me u are the greatest game master for creating this cool game :).......... I hope you will create a new update with new maps, sets, NPCs & etc. plus pls fix the bugs, lags & stucks because things get boring if it will lag. And there are many players who are doing bad like dpping, scamming, cheating and many other bad things.

That's all & thanks you ^_^ !!!
I hope u will create a new update :D